Hi everyone, i’m Georgia.

Thanks for finding me! I’m just starting out here so thought I would introduce myself first off, I’m Georgia Maud Kent, 23 (24 in May), my current location is Naples, Italy. My hometown is the entire UK really. I was born in Harrogate and in my 23 years of life I have moved house 16 times, my dad is in the military so every 2 – 3 years has been spent moving. This year my parents finally bought their forever home in Pencoed, Cardiff. I’m an NQT (newly qualified teacher).  I love my weimaraner ‘Chester’ and i’m hugely family orientated. My boyfriend is a PT and keeps my feet planted on the ground (and helps kicks my bum into gear when I need it).

I’ve always liked the idea of owning/setting up a blog but just never have had the confidence or time really. I’m now on a 25 day ‘sabbatical’ in Naples, ‘nannying’ for my Godfathers 3 year old and thought I’d spend some time blogging, finally!

I love the idea of blogging all things: travel, beauty, fitness, life. Just non stop chat really. It’s worth a try hey?

I love ALL things rose gold, a F.R.I.E.N.D.S fanatic, ‘slightly’ social-media obsessed, and LOVE fitness and keeping myself fit.

Ciao Bella’ ❤️


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