I LOVE PINTEREST! – georgia kent 

Who doesn’t love to scroll for hours on end through perfect images and save everything to a board for every occasion. If that’s you, raise your hand! *Sits here with hand raised *

I was welcomed to the world of Pinterest about 18 months ago by my boyfriend, Joseph. He liked the cool images on there and started creating his own boards. Little did he know that in a few months I would have taken over it and created all manner of girly, holiday, home, baby, fashion dreaming pages! (I still try to add a slight manly touch for when he does have a scroll himself).

For me I find it especially useful in learning things, you can simply search ‘what to do in Rome’ and so many pictures, links to blogs and ideas appear on your screen. I’ve learnt lots of things to do for when I properly start my travels of Italy. It also helped me+the boyf semi plan our new bedroom, we shortlisted some ideas we both liked and then used it as an online mood board.

5***** for PINTEREST!

Do you have a pinterest page? Are there any people you could recommend following? Take a look at mine * ours * and see what you think!

I’m still working on building some of the pages and adding many more photos to it!

Ciao Bella’ ❤️


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