I am a huge twitter fan and I recently (through a friend) found  primaryrocks

This Monday night ‘Primary Education’ chat changed my Monday evenings. For one hour 8pm-9pm I was glued to my laptop, answering questions Primary Education based. It’s a great way to communicate with teachers across the country and to learn tips and tricks. I’ve found it a great way of talking to NQT’s like myself and sharing ideas over twitter. It’s great!

Through this chat I found:

Kerry Macfarlane@KAB21MACPrimary Teacher, SLE, Creative Curriculum, PSHE/Wellbeing Lead, SCITT & NQT Mentor, Love English.

^ She is amazing! How she manages to teach, mark books, and run all her twitter business is remarkable. Through her I took part in a challenge in February called ‘fitfeb’. A challenge that encouraged teachers to take part in weekly fitness challenges in order to win prizes! This led me on to meet a new set of people and communicate over the web, encouraging people through the weeks to complete the challenges set. FANTASTIC.

I consider Twitter the best CPD I have taken part in over the last five years of my professional life.  ukedchat.com

February was quite a ‘low’ month for me, as I was leaving my job, moving house, and leaving for Italy. After a glutinous christmas, piling on a few too many lbs, and a failed January fitness start, I was determined to join in the challenge.

Kerry was fantastic and chatted to so many people over twitter and kept us all up to date with her efforts too! I feel it encouraged me to keep going and improved my wellbeing as I could communicate with others and let them know I was a little low, or moving was stressful (but i’d managed the gym) and there was always someone at the end of a tweet to send a positive message! I’m now taking part in ‘memory march’ another challenge set up by Kerry again to keep wellbeing high and promote positivity!

I can’t wait for fitfeb 2018! Thanks Kerry!


Ciao Bella’ ❤️


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