Who doesn’t love the idea of travelling the world? For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to travel the entire world. I stalk Instagram pages of travel posts, follow all the ‘amazing world pictures’ pages on twitter, and envy anyone on my Facebook in anywhere that isn’t the UK. I love the idea of having an album full of photos from: Venice, Paris, Thailand, USA, Croatia, Australia, you name it, i’d like to go.

Being the daughter of a military man means i’ve done my fair share of moving and travelling, but that’s mainly been in the UK (apart from 4 sunny years in cyprus).

My current location is: Naples, Italy. So you may be wondering ‘if she’s there, surely she’s already on a travelling journey?’. Well, I finished my job as a teacher on February 17th and mid moving house I have come over to Naples to ‘Nanny / Au pair’ for my Godfather who has a 3 year old little girl. I’m here for 25 days and plan to do as much exploring as possible. My boyfriend is joining me on the 19th and we are heading up to Rome, Pisa and Florence.

I hope to fill you in on some of my ‘Italian Adventure’ and anything else that goes on in my month over here.

Where are some places that you have been and loved? Any dream destinations? Bali, India, Brazil? Let me know, I’d love to hear.

Stay tuned.

Ciao Bella’ ❤️




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