Day two! & the sun is SHINING.

The Nannying life is definitely for me. (well, even more so when the Sun is up at 7am and its 16 degrees before 10am).


Day 2:

6:50 – Wake up call and a coffee to start the day

7:10 – Coffee and get Ruby ready for Nursery

7:45 – We’ve had banana and toast and watched CBeebies and we’re off to Nursery

8:00 – Arrive at nursery ‘Bongiorno’ and off she goes until 1pm 

Me and Suzy then drove onto the Military camp and completed a 5k around the camp, I didn’t manage the full 5k (I haven’t properly been to the gym in a while), so I pulled out towards the end and did a little fitness circuit of squats, press ups, lunges and dips.  

9:00 – We’re on route back to the house but make a quick stop to the beach and go for a lovely stroll

10:00 – Back to the house for a FaceTime with Joseph before he starts work, shower, some granola with fruit and a nice cup of tea! 

What a perfect morning routine. I know children can be full on and non stop, especially at the age of 3. I know once she is home there will be plenty to do after nap time, but it’s quite nice to just sit in a quiet house, get some writing done and then once I’ve done this I plan to just sit in the sun and have a read of my book.

I’ve only been here since Wednesday and it already feels like I’ve been here a week. Suzy leaves tomorrow to start her flight routine on Monday; it’s quite daunting to think I’m then flying solo but i’m also quite excited.

Here’s to the rest of my Italian adventure! I’ll fill you in on Sunday after my first solo weekend!

Ciao Bella’ ❤️


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