Who am I?

* I started writing this on Thursday evening and then fell asleep, so I’ve added to it and posted it now!


So, its 22:44 in Naples, my boyfriend is currently helping his parents move house, everyone else here is in bed, (really I should be too), i’m up at 6:50am for the first nursery run with Ruby. I don’t suppose it’s fair to say I have jet lag as there is only one hour difference from the UK, but my mind is awake. * and i’m watching trashy tv ( Ex on the beach!).

My name is Georgia, Georgia Maud Kent. Known to family as ‘GM’, I’m 23, 24 on May 20th. My dad is in the military so I don’t really have somewhere to say ‘this is home’, well, I do now as my parents finally bought a house in Pencoed, Cardiff. This is where I can now can forever home. I was born in Harrogate, York. I have a younger brother (20), I should probably use the term ‘younger’ loosely as he’s probably about 6ft and has been bigger than me since I was about 14. My dad recently retired from the military but he still works for the Army, and my muma is a SEN Co-ordinator in a High School.

My current location is Napoli, Italy. Here I’m au pairing for my Godfather. Whilst I’m not actually an all year round au pair my actual job is a Teacher. I trained at the University of Worcester for 3 years and completed a BA Hons Primary Education Degree! Something of which I am very proud of. I’ve just finished working at a prep school in Brecon before taking a little sabbatical and then i’ll return back to teaching in Cardiff of Bridgend.

My boyfriend, Joseph is a PT and we met in the gym just over two years ago. As I said previously he keeps me grounded and in very good shape, he’s always useful to ask advice too in regards to health and fitness & he just generally makes my world a very happy one!

Travel is something that has always excited me, i’m constantly dreaming of where in the world I can visit and how many places can I try and squeeze in within a year. I just love exploring new places and learning about them as I travel.

I love baking, my dog, all things rose gold and i’m very true to my star sign ‘taurus’, I LOVE the moon and the stars, ( when my dad used to go to Afghanistan the one thing we held on to was that we could all see the same moon, so to me it’s very special). Slightly addicted to Instagram and taking photographs wherever I go.

There you go, a little bit about me! Thanks for visiting.

Ciao Bella’ ❤️


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