3 days ‘Riding Solo’

Hey guys!

Apologies for the long silence after so many posts over 2 days. It’s been a busy weekend and a busy few days getting into being a solo nanny.

Weekend was just a nice chill, Suzy left to go back to the UK and she’s flying off to Dubai and LA over the next 2 weeks.

We also had a storm on Monday evening so Tuesday was a very wet and challenging day finding actives to do indoors * ALL * day as play group was also cancelled.


I definitely feel like i’m getting myself into a routine now; although I have been plagued with a horrendous illness since Saturday evening and now look somewhat like Rudolph.

So my days are pretty jam packed and Ruby keeps me very busy. Monday, Wednesday and Friday she has nursery 8am -1pm and then will nap 1-3:30 so these days I manage to do a bit of exploring * although this week i’ve used it to catch up on sleep and recover * after her nap we tend to have a snack, watch some tele, take the dog for a walk, play tea party  or just have some garden time. I really am loving it. 


On Friday the two of us are travelling by train up to Rome, so i’ll be sure to fill you in then. Ruby has gone off to nursery today too, just to keep her busy whilst I am poorly. Thursday so far:

7:10 * SHE HAD A LIE IN * Wake up.

7:30 – dressed and breakfast

8 – off to nursery where we are greeted with a massive …


Since coming home i’ve had myself some porridge, walked the dog and managed a little gym sessions (i’m hoping to sweat out my illness).

I didn’t think that being an Au Pair / Nanny would be so tiring but at the same time I love chatting with this little monkey and all the playing she does with me is so rewarding!

Ciao Bella’ ❤️


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