Fit Chick.


Something currently taking over the internet is FITNESS. Never before have I noticed more abs, protein oats, bare biceps, bikini competitions, or people videoing home/gym workouts. SO many people are becoming ‘insta famous for their gym journey Instagram feeds, full of healthy food, workouts and bare bellies.


I am guilty of a insta snap of gorgeous food but I don’t sell myself as a fitness expert or a nutritionist. I’d say in August 2014 my fitness journey began, I started the gym with a friend. David Lloyd Leisure in Cardiff. Here I found a love for all things cardio and kept myself very hidden at the back of the gym to just do some cardio and go, I would often do workout classes with my friend and found that I suddenly found a love for the gym.

Prior to joining the gym I have always loved playing netball and taking part in PE at school i’ve just never overly had a love for keeping fit. I was part of a trampolining club in school and I have such a passion for swimming. I’ve never really been a ‘gym bunny’ now I 100% feel I have a gym addiction and I’m passionate about keeping myself fit and healthy.

I completed my first 10k race last March and was so proud of myself for achieving this, I’m hoping to run in many more 10k races when I return home and I have also signed up for park run which is where you meet up on a Saturday at your local park and complete a 5k.

When I joined the gym I met Joe, my boyfriend, who is a PT. I feel lots of people think

‘your boyfriend is a PT you should be in incredible shape’.

I am SO self critical of my own body and my weight always fluctuates throughout the month. I often now go through phases of really loving workouts and then completely loosing my mojo. When I lived in Brecon I really struggled as the gym at school wasn’t overly great so I felt I lost a lot of progress over the year I was there. I’m now super keen to get back into a routine and get back to a high level of fitness. I’ve written a timetable for when I return home of gym classes I can join in and I’ve asked Joe for some PT sessions too!

Whilst I’m over in Italy I definitely plan to keep fit and healthy, my Godfather has a home gym space with a bike and some weights and I can also take myself out on a run with their dog Inca.

I’m always aware that a healthy balance is key and that diet is 80% of the lifestyle.

EVERYBODY LOVES CHOCOLATE, my guilty pleasure has to be bread and cereal. I could eat cereal every meal. I recently (through Joe) found a diet called the ‘slow carb diet’ and this is something that worked best for me. In 5 weeks I lost 3.5kg and I was so impressed with myself and how I looked. Once I am back in the UK this is definitely what i’m going to restart: with a month of work I am dedicating it to getting myself back fit and healthy.

Joe is really good at keeping me motivated and giving me that push when I need it most.

Are you on a fitness journey? Thinking of joining a gym? How is it going? Let me know!

Ciao Bella’ ❤️


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