The dreamiest place on the PLANET!

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In June 2016 I went on my most memorable holiday. It was my first time ever going away with a boyfriend and it was to the MOST DREAMIEST of places. Santorini. Santorini was somewhere that I had always dreamed of going, white on blue and shining sun. What could be better? It definitely was number 1 on my bucket list so when Joe suggested it I jumped at the chance to book.

We chose to stay in Oia, which is famous for it’s sunsets. We stayed for a week and travelled with Thompson.

Well, WOW! WOW! WOW! 

We arrived late at night and we were hit with the heat as soon as the plane doors opened, the smell of sun was perfect! We had a short taxi drive from the airport to Oia. Even though we arrived at night we could still sense that the view in the morning was going to be out of this world! We went for a little night time explore and I was already in love!

The marble pathways through Oia take you to so many places.


^ This was our view from the villa.

Oia is the most gorgeous of towns in Santorini, it’s one of those places that you see perfect Instagram posts of and the real thing is even better. Pastel white overlooks the bluest of seas and cliffs and church tops. You could easily spend the whole week just exploring the little marble pathways and finding new hidden quaint little stores all the way around the island.

I think I was in heaven. 

You can’t walk too far without needing a camera at the ready. The beautiful doors and windows, big blue topped churches. With the sun shining everything is picture perfect.

On a few days we did go out exploring, but on others it was so perfect to just  be sat in the sun with the sound of the sea in the distance. We saw lots of Weddings up on the cliff tops and it’s so easy to see why people pick Santorini for their wedding back drop! All the shops in the towns were beautiful, either with beautiful art pieces or jewellery and other ornate objects. Nothing is run down and tacky it’s all beautiful.

One day we caught a bus to Fira another big town and walked * 3 hours * back to Oia. This was one of my most favourite things. Just Joe and I hiking / walking back to Oia. The views were incredible and we must have stopped about 50 times to take so many photos. The walk was very easy to follow and lots of people were doing the same.


It’s definitely is somewhere that I want to return to in the next few years. For this year I have Italy and Ibiza on my travel plans so i’ll be sure to update you on these holidays.

Have you been to Santorini? Let me know your thoughts!

Ciao Bella’ ❤️


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