Teacher troubles!

So, you’ve just finished University. You’ve worked your bum off to get the degree you desire but you can’t get the job…

Something that I am so proud of is achieving my degree in Primary Teaching.

University for me wasn’t your ‘stereotypical’ 3 years lets say. I really struggled at University, so getting my degree for me was even more special. I went to university in Worcester, and Worcester itself is a fabulous place and I loved the area I was in. It was close to home and close to old school friends!

When I left University my parents were in the middle of moving to Cardiff from Chester. So, in March 2014 we moved from Chester down to Cardiff. This was a god send for me as home was now even closer and for my last term in University I commuted from Cardiff to Worcester. I had finished my final placement and I was only needed for a few days in the week to complete the dreaded dissertation!

When I finally finished University, due to not having much luck with applying for jobs in Worcester I moved home and joined a Supply Teaching Agency. This was quite an experience for me. May/ June 2014 I signed on with Prospero teaching. I would be called the night before or early on the morning of to say a school needed a teacher due to illness or PPA cover etc. This built my confidence immensely as I was thrown into the deep ending of visiting perhaps 3 schools a week and having to meet so many new people. I worked for this agency for a year before moving off to Brecon to work in a Private Prep School and live in a Boarding House. * wow thats a mouthful! 

Brecon, Christ College Brecon was where I went for 6th form, so it was FANTASTIC to be back.  Here I was living on my own, away from and my boyfriend, working sometimes 6 days a week 8am – 11pm. It was very full on, I learnt a lot and I had some incredible experiences here, but I wasn’t able to complete my NQT year. Something which is a must when leaving University. I left Brecon in February 2017 due to there being a lack of children joining the prep school so class numbers started to drop. I am now spending a month being a Nanny before I re-join a supply agency until summer; with the hope of having a permanent job to start in September 2017.

All the while I have been working as a Teacher for 2 and a half years I am yet to complete this NQT year. ‘Newly Qualified Teacher’.  So now, I face the dreaded task of applying for jobs all over again! Since being over in Italy I haven’t really thought about jobs, but whilst Ruby is at nursery it gives me a perfect opportunity to search and apply for jobs.

I currently have three applications on the go, they make me so nervous and its almost like my confidence just falls from me. * who actually likes talking about themselves lets be real?*

I have applied for many a job and attended interviews but it can be so upsetting when you’ve worked your BUM off to get a degree and then you find it doesn’t get you where you want it to.

I’ve recently connected via twitter to some NQT teachers and I love talking to them about job struggles and so on.

It would be great to hear from some other teachers with similar troubles, or to hear your success stories of finding the right job!


Ciao Bella’ ❤️


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