What’s in my bag?

So I am off to Rome tomorrow for the weekend, tackling the train with a  2 year old will be interesting. The amount of luggage attached to a small person is quite remarkable.

  • Fold away buggy
  • Portable potty
  • Air bed
  • Trunki’ filled with toys and colouring for entertainment
  • Bag filled with 3 outfits for the weekend
  • Ipad and headphones
  • & said 2 year old!

^ thats without my bag too! Crikey! So, i’m being quite boring and only taking 2 outfits and a small toiletries bag; because lets be honest with a 2 year old there won’t be much time to be GLAM IN ROME! 

I thought I would show you some of the essentials in my little backpack though. In 12 days *not that i’m counting, Joe and I come back up to Rome for 3 days, so i’ll be sure to give you a travellers guide then.

So, what is in my bag:

 1. Tickets for Italy v France. 

You can’t visit Rome during the 6 Nations and not attend a ruby match really. I think it would be criminal to not attend. This will be an experience though as again, i’m doing this with a 2 year old!


 2. Fuji film instax mini 8 IMG_0740

This is my most favourite accessory at the moment. I had this for christmas and so far i’ve only taken 7 photos. I’m really nervous about waisting film taking photos. I’m so excited to snap away in Rome and Florence and take lots of mini snap shot memories using this camera!

* Do you have a instax mini? do you know of any good tips or things to do?


3. Instax mini film and selfie lens. 

… because no trip is successful without extra film and a selfie! Of course.



IMG_0741 4 . Aviator Ray Bans.

It’s currently 19 degrees in Naples and getting hotter! Rome will probably be a little bit warmer.

These were a birthday gift from Joe a couple of years ago and they are definitely a holiday MUST HAVE!



5. The Light Between Oceans. 

My new favourite read. I finished my book the other day ‘The Two of Us’, it was such a great read and I’ve now started this one. So far so good! and I haven’t seen the film so i’m excited to read on and then watch the film when I finish.

Have you read? or seen the film?



Here’s hoping to a sunny, Italian win filled weekend in Rome.


Have a lovely weekend all!

Ciao Bella’ ❤️


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