Happy Friday folks! A busy one for me here in Naples.

A lovely 6:30AM wake up from Ruby, Charlie (her dad) left for Rome early this morning as he’s in meeting up there till Tuesday. So, I got her dressed and put Fireman Sam on for her so I could properly wake myself up. Breakfast and off to nursery, dog walk and gym session for me, shower and pack and make sure everything is ready to go!

The weather has been really great over here since Wednesday, about 19 and on the rise. After a busy weekend in Rome i’m completely on my own till Tuesday as Charlie is still in Rome and then W,T,F to go and then I am finished. I can’t quite believe i’ve been over here 10 days already. I feel like next week I must go out exploring Naples a bit more whilst Ruby is in nursery. *fingers crossed this illness goes! 

Just a quick one from me today. I’ll hopefully fill you in on my weekend in Rome on Monday once i’m back!

Wish me luck.

Ciao Bella’ ❤️


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