Nanny Diaries.


Day 13 on my ‘Au Pair’ diaries, only 4 days left until Ruby’s mum returns from her flight’s.  I can’t quite believe i’ve been here nearly 2 weeks now, it’s gone by so quickly. Although, unfortunately i’ve been really poorly for at least 7 of the 13 days, i’m so hoping that it clears by the weekend as my boyfriend is joining me for us to go on a little Italian adventure to Rome and Florence. * pray for me.  

Being a ‘nanny’ ‘aupair’ has been so different to how I imagined it would be. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being over here and learning something a little new, but gosh is it very exhausting, I think as well because i’ve been poorly the experience has been a little bit difficult on occasions.

Keeping a 3 year old entertained for most of the day can be quite tiring, but i’ve managed to do ok. Keeping her entertained with dog walks, playing outside in the sand or on the swing, going to the park, playing with her kitchen, building a tower, making a jigsaw, having a tea party, the list is endless. It’s been a great learning curve for me, especially thinking ahead to the future and me having children myself.

Three year olds are definitely busy bees!

I think if I was to advise anyone doing this I would definitely tell them to get a bit more information about what they’re expected to do first, is it a full on job whereby you are cleaning, cooking, running errands and looking after children or in my case just looking after Ruby during the day whilst no one is here to do so. I also think I would have read a few blogs/ books about looking after children.

Although I have a degree in Primary Education and have worked with children for the last 6 years, i’ve never been 1:1 with such a young child. Children in school at their youngest will be 5. It has been a totally different perspective having to do nap time, making dinner, the nursery run, and keeping her entertained.

I think the fact also that the sun has been shining for 90% of the time i’ve been here and i’m in an amazing country has added to my experience, although I haven’t explore Naples as much as I would of liked it’s been enjoyable to sit in the sun or go for a walk along the beach during the day.

I’ve also been a little homesick over the weekend (I think just exhaustion and feeling rubbish hasn’t helped). So, i’m excited to get home and get back to the gym, see my family and Joe, catch up with friends and settle back into a new routine in my new house! 

Ciao Bella’ ❤️


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