Day 14 in sunny Napoli


A b-e-a-utiful sunny day here today in Naples!

A 6:10 am start this morning was not what I expected but nevertheless I conquered the morning. Fireman Sam came to my much needed rescue and I was able to stick the DVD on for 40 minutes whilst I woke myself properly with some coffee before giving Ruby her breakfast.

We then watched Tangled *a personal favourite! & then got ready for the day.

At 10am we headed to playgroup where we met some other children and mums, I enjoyed a cup of tea and a muffin whilst Ruby played with some of the toys and did some colouring and then we enjoyed a lovely half hour in the sun before returning home for lunch and nap time.


Once she wakes up, we will probably play outside in the garden and head out to the orchards for a dog walk.

I’ve had a lovely lazy hour in bed myself, catching up on some sleep I missed this morning. I plan to head out into the sun and do some reading with my lunch and then keep Ruby busy until this evening. Her dad is back tonight, so I can proudly say I 100% managed to entertain a 2 year old for 3 days entirely on my own. *yay me*.

Only 5 more sleeps until my lovely Joe arrives and only 3 more sleeps until my nanny stint is finished! I can’t believe how quickly it has gone!

Hopefully i’ll fill you in on the rest of my week over the next few days!

Ciao Bella’ ❤️


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