Happy Humpday!

Wednesday is FINALLY here! I feel this week has gone a little slower than last. It’s 4 sleeps until Joe comes over and only 2 sleeps until my Nanny Diaries will be finishing.



6:20 – Another early start this morning

7:00 – TV to keep her entertained, coffee for me, breakfast for Ruby

7:30 – Dressed and ready for the day

7:45 – Walk to nursery

8:10 – I’m back and i’ve had a coffee and just caught up with BBC ‘The Replacement’


Hopefully nursery will tire Rooster out today and I will join in with nap time no doubt. I think all these early mornings are starting to tire me out.

My plans for the morning are to complete a couple of teaching applications, have a gym session and read a few more blogs to explore some places that me and Joe can go to next week!

I’ve had lots of fun exploring other blogs and finding out some exciting new things, places that maybe I wouldn’t have found without researching!

Once Ruby is home we will probably head out for a dog walk, watch some tele, play in the garden and enjoy a snack or two!

Just a small one from me this morning! Stay tuned for my blogs on Rome and Florence.

Ciao Bella’ ❤️



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