Nanny 101 says Arrivederci


Happy St Patricks Day. Happy Birthday to Joe. Happy Friday & the end of my journey.

So my Nanny diaries are going to come to an end. 13 days of looking after Ruby, 13 early mornings!

A lovely sunny day again here in Napoli and Suzy returns home this evening (all being well). It’s been a very busy week this week, lots of early mornings. Ruby is off at nursery this morning so i’ve had a lazy morning, FaceTimed home and done a spot of washing.

I’m hoping that on the weekend I can catch up with some sleep and just finish off my research of Rome and Florence for next week.

This afternoon we are planning to bake some biscuits, take the dog for a walk and head back to the play park. The weather is glorious here today so i’m going to soak some sun!

I hope once I return from my week away next week I can blog about Rome, Florence and Pisa and also once i’m home I definitely hope to continue blogging about something.

Beauty. Fashion. Daily Life. 

All in all I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience, it’s been a huge learning curve and i’ve found out a lot about myself!

Have a lovely Friday everyone! Catch up with you soon.

Ciao Bella’ ❤️



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