Is VLOGGING for me?

Afternoon guys,

So, something that has been on my mind a while is wether to set up a fitness page and Vlog. I am obsessed with watching gym workouts and following people on instagram who also do daily blogs about fitness but life in general too.

Obviously I love Zoella, The Sacconejollys and lots more famous you tubers’ who film their lives and fashion, baking, beauty tips etc… but at the moment i’m obsessed with fitness channels.

I love all things fitness and own far too many workout clothes to even wear in a week! I tend to go to the gym 5-6 times a week and do a mixture of cardio with different muscle group workouts.

My boyfriend is a PT and both of us like the idea of doing something on a social media platform.  We both eat very healthily, combined with good supplements and protein so all in all I think I need to be brave and take the jump into it!


Wish me luck, hopefully all will be up and running soon!


3 thoughts on “Is VLOGGING for me?

  1. Wanderfully Living says:

    I think this is a question that so many people toy with, myself included. My partner and I, have decided that we are going to vlog our travels as we are setting off soon for a year in Oz. But in terms of fitness vlogging, I used to do it on the down-low about 2-3 years go and let me tell you.. it’s SO much fun. There’s so many things you can include in fitness related vlogs that you’ll find you can be very creative. I hope you both end up doing it – I’m following now so hopefully get to see you’s make the move! 🙂


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