Life in the Fast Lane

I can’t quite believe i’ve been home from Italy now just over a month. My life has been non stop.

 I hope you are all enjoying a lovely Easter Sunday, I went to church this morning and i’m now enjoying some family time at home!

I’ve moved into my new house with Joe * granted there are still boxes everywhere and I haven’t done all i’d like to do, but its home nevertheless.

I’ve signed up to a new supply agency and start work in just over a week! SO scary to be back out there in the teaching world.

I’ve caught up with family and friends and had lots of yummy brunches and shopping trips with friends!

I’ve just had some me time and worked on my health and fitness. I’m back at the gym and LOVING it. I’ve started filming some workouts and watching lots of youtube videos ‘blogs’ about fitness etc.

All in all… I AM LOVING LIFE. Very happy and content with my little set up. Another busy week for me next week. Coffee and beach dates on Monday, Town with a friend Tuesday and my Brother is 21!!, Coffee and gym Wednesday, probably some teaching applications Thursday and Friday and then off to London for a friends birthday next weekend!

Can’t wait. I’m hoping to get back on this now this coming week and get at least 2-3 blog posts out in a week!

I’ll keep you updated!!




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