Fit Fit Fit!

Morning all!

So,  I should be completing some teaching applications I have but instead i’m distracted by the blog, catching up on some youtube ‘vlogs’ + i’m starving!

I’ve recently been uploading small clips of my workouts on my instagram story! * Who doesn’t love an insta story? Right…

A little bit of background about me:

  • I love fitness
  • My boyfriend is a PT
  • This summer I want to be in the best shape
  • I follow youtube fitness ‘vloggers’
  • I’m desperate to make the jump into it myself


Everyone loves watching youtube videos and daily blogs from celebrities. I recently found a few young girls that i’ve followed through instagram and they also have youtube fitness channels / fitness guides. They’re also great at updating you via snapchat and instagram stories too.

  1. GracefitUK
  2. TheTinyTank
  3. TheFoodMedic
  4. Gains4Girls
  5. Busybeefitness

These 5 girl are all over my feed at the minute and they just seem to be growing in population. Lots of them have brought out their own guides for you to use in the gym and some have PT qualifications or nutrition backgrounds so they really do know what they’re talking about. It’s great to see them posting workout videos, or their daily challenges with their bodies, loosing weight/gaining weight and the realities of training for a completion vs daily life sustainability. I’ve loved finding these girls online and I love some of the things they post! They’re like virtual fitness friends! Check out their pages + their guides. I have constant food envy on their pages and have recently tried to re-create some of their recipes. I’m in such awe at what these girls do as they continue to study at university and have the balance of the gym, having fun with friends and keeping the whole world updated on what they do! I love it!

What I love most is that they do it for themselves, but they’re also so supportive of everyone who writes to them and posts questions to them – which is mostly me! (haha). THANKS GIRLS!


I’ve decided that because I’m heading to Ibiza in 6 weeks that i’m starting a mini ‘cut’ which just means i’ll start to increase my cardio but still sticking to weight sessions. I’ll also try and lower my naughty carb intake and stick to high protein and good fats *give me all the avocado! I keep watching videos online to find out what the ‘cut’ entails ; although its very hard to commit when left over easter egg chocolate is around!

I’ve loved documenting stuff on my instagram story and i’ve had lots of time to do stuff recently due to not working. I’m interested to see what happens next week though as I start work; and I doubt i’ll have the time to make all my food ‘insta’ friendly haha!

What are your thoughts on the fitness instagram, youtube video world? Do you like it? or do you think its unnecessary? I can see that lots of people try and get into it and I understand it’s a lot of hard work but some of the people out there at the moment are so real and they aren’t afraid to post that they enjoy a blowout once in a while and they miss a session and that everyone at the end of the day is human!

Thanks for visiting!

I’ll update you again soon! Thinking of doing some ‘what I eat / train in a day’ ‘Active day vs Rest day’ etc.


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