Fit Fit Fit!

Morning all! So, Β I should be completing some teaching applications I have but instead i'm distracted by the blog, catching up on some youtube 'vlogs' + i'm starving! I've recently been uploading small clips of my workouts on my instagram story! * Who doesn't love an insta story? Right... A little bit of background about … Continue reading Fit Fit Fit!


Is VLOGGING for me?

Afternoon guys, So, something that has been on my mind a while is wether to set up a fitness page and Vlog. I am obsessed with watching gym workouts and following people on instagram who also do daily blogs about fitness but life in general too. Obviously I love Zoella, The Sacconejollys and lots more … Continue reading Is VLOGGING for me?

Fit Chick.

Something currently taking over the internet is FITNESS. Never before have I noticed more abs, protein oats, bare biceps, bikini competitions, or people videoing home/gym workouts. SO many people are becoming 'insta famous for their gym journey Instagram feeds, full of healthy food, workouts and bare bellies. WHY HAVE WE BECOME SO OBSESSED BY ALL … Continue reading Fit Chick.