Is VLOGGING for me?

Afternoon guys, So, something that has been on my mind a while is wether to set up a fitness page and Vlog. I am obsessed with watching gym workouts and following people on instagram who also do daily blogs about fitness but life in general too. Obviously I love Zoella, The Sacconejollys and lots more … Continue reading Is VLOGGING for me?


Life in the Fast Lane

I can't quite believe i've been home from Italy now just over a month. My life has been non stop.  I hope you are all enjoying a lovely Easter Sunday, I went to church this morning and i'm now enjoying some family time at home! I've moved into my new house with Joe * granted … Continue reading Life in the Fast Lane

101 Blog Post Ideas That Will Make Your Blog “HOT” ^ I'm new to the blogosphere and so i've just researched, 'what to add to a new blog', as I want this to look 'semi' full for when I post it later on this evening. It gives people a few things to read then too, instead of just 'Hi, I'm Georgia. Come back in … Continue reading 101 Blog Post Ideas That Will Make Your Blog “HOT”