Up & Coming…

Morning! I thought i'd just let you know that i've done some online shopping whilst in Naples and when I get home I have some exciting things that I can review and post about! I'm hoping to do a 'Myprotien' haul I've done a new sports shop on Ellesse & I LOVE my 3 step … Continue reading Up & Coming…



Happy Friday folks! A busy one for me here in Naples. A lovely 6:30AM wake up from Ruby, Charlie (her dad) left for Rome early this morning as he's in meeting up there till Tuesday. So, I got her dressed and put Fireman Sam on for her so I could properly wake myself up. Breakfast … Continue reading It’s FRIDAY!

Fit Chick.

Something currently taking over the internet is FITNESS. Never before have I noticed more abs, protein oats, bare biceps, bikini competitions, or people videoing home/gym workouts. SO many people are becoming 'insta famous for their gym journey Instagram feeds, full of healthy food, workouts and bare bellies. WHY HAVE WE BECOME SO OBSESSED BY ALL … Continue reading Fit Chick.